Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quiz on Growth Hormone

1. What stimulate the release of the somatotropin from the pituitary gland?

2. The secretion of growth hormone is at its peak during ________.

3-4. Give two conditions which are caused by decreased levels of growth hormone.

5. Enhanced protein synthesis in this site is caused by the anabolic effects of growth hormone.

6. A coarse thickening of the bones of the skull, hands and feet over the course of years to decades.

7. An autosomal recessive disorder characterize by insensitivity to growth hormone, caused by a deviation of the growth hormone receptor. This disorder is associated with increased levels of GH.

8. Normal values of growth hormone in adult males?

9. Growth hormone is secreted in pulses, with an average interpulse interval of____ hours?

10. Obesity and the use of many drugs will cause false _______ result in the growth hormone suppression test.

Case Study

A 48-year-old man seeks care for evaluation of muscle weakness, headaches, and excessive sweating. He has poorly controlled hypertension and, on questioning, admits to noticing a gradual increase in both glove and shoe size, as well as a reduction in libido. A review of older photographs of the man documents coarsening of facial features, progressive prognathism and broadening of the nose. Acromegaly is suspected.


1. What screening tests are available?

2. What is the definitive test for autonomous growth hormone production?

3. Because the patient complains of reduced libido, hypogonadism is suspected. What evaluation is appropriate?


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